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Would you like to flaunt your graceful side on a very special occasion? What can be better than a Kanjivaram saree?  No matter how trendy and modern you are, this costume can make you look ultimate. Depending on the occasion, pick some elegant or heavy jewelry and you will be all set to be a show stopper. these sarees are the desire of every South Indian bride. Earlier, people have some limited resources to buy these passionately designed sarees. But now, you just need to spend a few minutes and it will be in your hand. Now, you can buy https://kanjivaramsilks.com with ease.

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Access a heap of beautiful kanjeevaram sarees

Shopping is the favorite leisure of women and they never feel tired with shopping, especially when it is about buying a saree. But, what if you don’t find something unique even after spending so many hours? Retail stores and regional market can give you limited options. To access countless options, buy Kanjivaram sarees online. Online stores offer innumerable options to women. From hand woven Kanjivaram silk sarees to designer sarees, you can find everything online. Just think about a color, design and pattern, etc. and start your search. You will definitely come up with an ultimate choice.

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Online shopping for kanjivaram sarees – blessing for busy women  

You would like to look gorgeous on a special occasion and you have made your mind to drape a stunning silk saree, but the concern is you don’t have time to go for shopping. Well, no need to worry, browse the web and purchase Kanjivaram sarees online. Online sarees centers are not less than a blessing for busy women. You can choose the best silk sarees online. Apart from saree suppliers, many weavers sell their products online. So, there is no shortage of shopping destinations.

Often people think that it is not possible to return or exchange the saree in case they don’t like it. But, the fact is, online sellers offer easy to exchange and return policies. Return or exchange your order if you feel it does not complement your look.

How to choose the best Kanjivaram saree online

The biggest concern in buying Kanjivaram sarees online is quality concern, Owing to the huge demand, many companies sell sarees made with synthetic materials with a price tag of silk sarees. So, many people don’t prefer online saree shopping and it is quite common. To avoid such situation, look for a reliable online saree store that has gained good reputation in the market. Big brand never compromise with the quality as it can affect their goodwill in the market. When you go this way, don’t overlook the return policies. Before placing the order, read the terms carefully. If there is no clause to return the sarees, move for another option. Buying online is a fun, you just need to make a right selection of shopping destination to avoid any disappointment.

Browse the web today and pick one of the most beautiful saree to be the center of attraction on a special occasion.

Kanchipuram Pattu Sarees- pure silk woven with ethereal grace and beauty

Indian culture and heritage makes every Indian proud with its richness and vibrancy. Every Indian state has its own speciality in clothing and textiles, which has ethnic elegance infused with hard work of artisans. The southern part of India specializes in Kanchipuram Pattu Sarees, which are hand-woven in pure silk, with silver threads coated with gold. These amazing sarees have perfect beauty and charm to grace the beautiful ladies. Smooth finish of silk along with intricate designs attracts everyone easily. An assortment of varied colours and panorama of soulful designs are available at various showrooms or online websites.

History of Kanchipuram Pattu Sarees:

These sarees date back up to 400 years in the history. They are made of pure mulberry silk, with golden and silver thread woven to make intricate patterns. Kanchipuram Pattu saree first originated from Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu, which is also known for mesmerising temples with beautiful ancient architecture. Kanchipuram district is known as the “city of thousand temples” and houses hundreds of weavers. These weavers have made great contribution towards traditional textiles of India. The weavers are highly skilled and weave durable sarees in various hues and amazing designs. Kanchipuram sarees are famous not only in India but throughout the world. browse http://kanchipuramsaree.co.in

Why Kanchipuram sarees are premium?  Let us know its features

These lightweight sarees are woven in pure silk of finest quality which attributes to their feather like touch. Heavy zari work is interwoven in the saree which makes them heavy. These sarees can also be worn in summers due to its light weight and comfort ability. Kanchipuram sarees are designed with motifs picked up from the Pallava Dynasty. Many sarees have paintings of palaces and temples from that era, which makes them unique and gorgeous. Indian mythology is directly linked with these beautiful 9 yards. Scenes from Ramayana and Mahabharata are also woven in the pallu of the sarees, which is a work of art in itself. Tribals designs also find their way in the sarees and are depicted with traditional hues.

The brides of south India opt for sarees with heavy zari work, which is thread made out of gold or silver, interwoven with silk to make mesmerising motifs. These make the sarees heavy and their price is also higher.

Points to keep in mind when buying a Kanchipuram wedding sarees:

While buying a saree for gifting or for yourself, there are several things you should check. The quality of silk fabric should be soft and should have a shine. The zari should be bright and shiny. This will happen only if good quality raw materials are used so ensure the quality of the product. The wedding sarees are available in many designs and you should pick up an appealing and evergreen design, which can be passed on to generations as these wedding sarees retain more worth by each passing day.

Kanchipuram wedding Sarees pricing

Kanchipuram wedding Sarees are high on pricing due to its superb designs and authenticity. Pure zari bridal sarees may range from 7000 INR to 2, 00,000 INR depending on amount of intricacy and zari used. The bridal saree can be worn on festivals, marriages or other occasions as it is an asset in itself. Low price options are also available but purity is compromised in them.

You can buy Kanchipuram wedding Sarees from showrooms or online  where great discounts and deals are available. You can scan the assortment online and pick up one which appeals to you.


Kancheepuram saree a heritage

Whenever you think of a silk saree, your mind directly links it to kanchipuram silk saree, which is the “queen of silks”, as considered by Indian ladies. These sraees are famous worldwide for their exquisiteness and magnificence. Kancheepuram silk sarees have a rich heritage which dates back to about 400 years. These sarees were crafted initially for statues of Gods and queens of Royal family of Dravidians. Kanchipuram sarees are very exotic and extravagant and the weavers who craft them are said to be descendants of Rishi Markanda (master weaver of Gods). Kancheepuram silk sarees are masterpieces of Indian textiles and were crafted by weavers namely Devangars and Saligars.

Design and fabric details

Kancheepuram sarees are woven beautifully in silk made from mulberry, interlaced with zari which is sourced from Gujarat. In olden days, silk sarees were created by infusing motifs like peacocks, paisleys or chariots. However, contemporary designs have evolved according to modern day world. Kanchipuram silk sarees are mostly worn on festivals, weddings or grand occasions and their beauty has been awe-inspiring since many centuries. Although many industries throughout the world have started crafting Kancheepuram sarees but their sarees are not as pure, intricate or beautiful as the ones woven in the town Kanchipuram, where sarees are still woven on handlooms. Silk sarees from here are known for their durability, softness and versatility check here at https://silksareesonline.co.in

More about Kanjivaram silk

Kancheepuram silk saree is a product of hard work of skilled craftsmen who work for eight to ten days on a single saree and produce a form of art in mesmerizing silk. Kancheepuram silks are worn by women of all ages during festivities and are extremely desirable by Indian brides in their trousseau. These sarees are an heirloom which is usually passed down to the generations. The quality of silk saree depends upon its weight, so heavier the saree, better is its quality. Zari work increases the weight of the saree which is interwoven in the silk fabric to craft fascinating designs. Inspiration for the designs is generally taken from temples, paintings and palaces of Pallava dynasty. Pricing of the saree depends upon the quantity of zari which is infused in 6 yards. More zari makes the saree more expensive, as certain zari is crafted out of pure gold. Kancheepuram silk sarees can be maintained by wrapping it in muslin cloth and keeping it in cool place.

Art of draping and styling kancheepuram

Kanchipuram silk saree can be draped in traditional way with a waist belt or it can be worn in a more contemporary manner like a lehnga or in Bengali style. Make sure to flaunt the pallu design as it is the USP of the saree. These sarees can be styled with gold temple jewelry or in jewelry matching designs of the saree itself.  Kancheepuram sarees are a desirable element of every woman’s wardrobe which she treasures like precious jewelry.

Own a kachipuram silk saree in suitable design and feel like a queen during weddings or festivals.