Best places to buy wedding silk sarees in Kannur

wedding silk sarees is the staple attire of India and they are mostly reserved for weddings or special occasions. If you are bored of the old manner of draping sarees then you must try new styles created by today’s saree designers to look sassy and hot in a saree. Saree is such attire which compliments every Indian woman and has evolved from a traditional ensemble to designer clothing with capes and shrugs. There are several trendy and innovative ways of draping a saree and you can rock your Indian avatar by adopting gorgeous adorning styles. You can try saree with a belt at your wedding which not only enhances your shape but suits woman of every height. Whether you choose a mid-waist belt or a low waist one, make sure that it accentuates your overall persona. You can also team up saree with a crop top for a chic look and this style can be adopted for weddings or parties.

Are you staying in Kannur and want to go for ? The place has several saree showrooms which provide fabulous sarees at affordable prices crafted by master weavers from Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Some showrooms are about 70 years old and provide pure silk sarees for weddings in awesome quality. You can team up old with new by wearing sarees differently in unique drapes or ornamenting it with modern accessories. best shops for wedding silk sarees in kannur are listed below. Make sure to check them out.
• Anashwara Silks:
This shop is great for bridal trousseau shopping as it has been around since many generations and houses exotic and exquisite sarees for brides and women. You can get wedding silk sarees, designer sarees, cotton or silk casual sarees, salwar suits or western dresses from the store. They have complete collections of clothing for almost everyone in the family, which is why it is the one stop shop. Anaswara silks are a mega showroom which has sarees in royal textures and delicate embroideries which can make any bride look beautiful and ethereal. These mystical sarees are designed for today’s bride with combination of tradition and contemporary styles. The store has extremely good quality material for their valued clients and people from the surrounding areas come to shop at the showroom for their awesome products.
• Kalyanam sarees:
The store was inaugurated in 1909 and it has true Indian heritage woven in its fable with outstanding craftsmen weaving sarees in intricate designs and motifs using pure raw materials. Every drape is exclusively hand-picked by the owner and you can get innovative and disparate collection of sarees for your trousseau. The store has earned great reputation and trust in quality throughout the state and has several branches which have excellent products for its clients. Each saree has a story in its warps and wefts which spells out dedication and hard work of the weavers. Step into the showroom to pick exclusive sarees for your wedding and look like an angel heading towards her mandap on your special day.
• Kalyan silks:
Kalyan silks is the most reliable brand in kerala and worldwide with several showrooms in India and throughout the world. The store was established more than a century ago and today there are numerous showrooms situated globally, making it a leader in the textile industry. Kalyan offers innovative products which distinguish it from other textile showrooms. The store has its own manufacturing units to control quality of silks and zari and weaving is done by master weavers in major centers throughout India. They have in house designers to craft innovative kanjivaram sarees for weddings and other occasions and their products are quite affordable as they have the largest wholesale showroom in India to control quality and prices every year.

• Lilly sarees:
Lilly sarees is a traditional saree store which combines traditional sarees with Indian art in contemporary themes to fabricate ensembles that personify the modern brides. The store is dedicated to providing sarees for women of all ages and unveils their inner beauty through the combination of traditional and modern values. It is a popular destination for brides and has been a leader in providing Kerala sarees, Kanchipurams or Mysore silk sarees in pure variety. Name of Lilly sarees is synonymous with wedding and trousseau collection and they have an unrivalled image for providing high quality at affordable rates. Due to this it has several loyal clients which prefer to buy silks and wedding sarees from Lilly.
• Lulu sarees:
Lulu sarees is a store with rich heritage in silk sarees and has been in textile retail since many years. They have exceptional knowledge in silks and have pure drapes with incomparable designs and intricacy. You can get special sarees from the outlet which is meant exclusively for Kerela brides with intricate embroideries and embellishments which are desire of every woman’s heart. You can purchase fusion sarees from the shop which are a combination of modern and ethnic designs woven in one saree. Brides can choose from eclectic colors and stunning designs in sarees fabricated by master craftsmen throughout India. You can get latest design sarees which are very elegant and gorgeous and you can look great on your wedding day adorning these sarees.
• Vanitha Sarees:
It is a signature store which has embarked upon a new era in ethnic fashion in Kerela. They have complete knowledge about what women love and their sarees reflect a certain sophistication and class. The saree wearer looks graceful and charming in silk drapes woven in pure zari and mulberry threads. Their shelves are stocked with intricate Kanchipuram and Kasavu sarees for bridal wear and they even stock designer sarees for the modern bride. The store is all set to redefine fashion with exclusive ensembles in traditional or modern silhouettes and you can buy it all at reasonable pricing.
Kannur is very famous for wedding silk sarees and houses several shops for wonderful bridal shopping. Just go shop hopping and visualize beauties available in the bazars of Kannur to have vast experience in picking up genuine silk sarees.