kanchipuram sarees

Kanchipuram sarees, originating in the town of Kanchipuram, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kanjivaram silks are synonymous with weddings in the Southern states of India. Suffice to say, their popularity as wedding sarees has spread to the other parts of the country and the globe as well. Hand-weaved by craftsmen, Kanchipuram sarees are part of a 400 year old tradition for marriage ceremonies, carried out in South in India. Touted for their shimmer and their quality, Kancheepuram silk sarees are exquisite choices for a bride to wear in any Indian style wedding.

purple kanchi saree


The Kanchipuram silk sarees are known to be heavier than the wedding silks prevalently worn by brides in other Indian cultures. This is because the Kancheevaram silks are weaved intricately using a triple-threading maneuver by the weavers. Most of them feature golden ‘zari’ embroidery work done on the sarees body and ‘pallu’. The border and the pallus usually contrast in color with the rest of the body of the saree. This makes for a more eye-catching sight when the blushing bride walks gingerly towards the altar, clad beautifully in her Kanchivaram silk! Call for kanchipuram collections at +91 9677063537

Given their relevance in holy matrimony, Kanchipuram sarees have been known to be the torchbearer of design motifs inspired by the Indian epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata, and motifs synonymous with the architecture of South Indian temples and historical, architectural marvels. A lot of the designs commonly found adorning the bride on her wedding day are based on the ornate sculptures built into the temples erected by the Pallava dynasty. https://kanjivaramsilks.com/kanchipuram-silk-sarees

The cost of an Indian Kancheepuram wedding saree varies depending on the length. As the threadwork is more profound on a Kanjeevaram silk than any of the other Indian wedding sarees out there, it also warrants for more room to be covered by embroidery designs and the seldom found ornamental embellishments which designers are infusing in Bollywood stylized Kanjeevaram silks. Both the traditional renditions as well as the modern day avatar of the Kanjeevaram silk are equally doted upon by the Indian brides. Depending on the amount of ‘zari’-work, the saree has been imbued with, the quality Kanjeevaram saree can be priced anywhere between a few thousands of rupees to even lacs, depending upon the amount of detail-work that has been embellished on them.

The Kanchipuram sarees are also valued for their longevity. If properly cared for, a Kanjeevaram silk lasts for generations, without any chink in the armor of hand-woven silk! It is common for Kanjeevaram silks to be passed down by the eldest lady of the house, usually the bridegroom’s mother, to the bride-to-be.  Kancheepuram  sarees are usually accompanied by a treasure’s worth of gold jewelry gracing the bride’s persona. A beautiful flower garland called ‘gajra’ is fashioned into a bun, out of her glorious hair to top it off.

Ever competing with the Benarasi silk wedding sarees, for the title of the ‘Queen of Silks’, the 9-yard long Kanchivaram saree feels and looks like the extension of the jubilant bride’s soul, wrapped around her at the wedding altar/