How to choose blouse design for your saree

In recent times saree Blouse designs have become plenty to choose from at the same time they have come into the limelight with different sorts of models. Therefore, it is essential to choose a blouse design that flatters the shape and gives a great look. And saree is something that suits every Indian woman no matter how they are. It is important that every woman should know her body structure based on which she can choose the design or fitting. As all designs don’t suit women having different structures. And they are some considerations that need to be followed while choosing the blouse design like a fabric of the blouse, the selected design, drapping style and the color of the material.


Choosing the blouse design

For people who prefer wearing sarees or during any wedding occasions, selecting the right saree material along with the right choice of bridal Blouse designs from┬ámakes sure that your day is fabulous. As they are different designs and models available, women may be confused. But it’s nothing to get confused at all. The design completely depends on the structure of the women. So it’s very simple as they are some sort of designs for that particular really suits based on date structure. It is better to have a look at the best principles that one should follow based on the body shapes.

v shape blouse designs

Skinny Built

  • Women having the skinny structure or lightweight women can prefer little contemporary based on the choice.
  • It is better to avoid traditional designs and go for modern designs.
  • Go for a fashionable halter neck or even long sleeves that add volume.
  • High neck or collar neck also gives an elegant look that depends whether they are tall or short.
  • In case of ethnic silk sarees, the best choice is to go for puffed sleeves.


Medium Or Athletic Built

  • It is the best choice to go for any sort of designs as they fit them as they are made for them.
  • Choosing short sleeves with heavy designs will be advantages to the design. And also it makes you look really elegant. Heavy design blouse even makes a simple saree look rich.
  • Even saree blouse patterns with a deep neck and full sleeves also give an awesome look.
  • It is up to say that it’s a perfect figure to try new designs and experiment as well.


Heavy Built

  • They are some specially designed chic Indian Blouse designs, especially for chubby-cheeked women.
  • Most importantly it’s better to avoid puffy sleeves or short sleeves that expose the arms.
  • As three fourth sleeves or full sleeves are trending they can even try some sort of designs.
  • For ethnic wear, it’s better to go for common half sleeves as they easily match up with the border and gives a dignified look.
  • It is even appropriate to try any sort of necklines which are both trendy and traditional as well.

Therefore the simple fashion tips for women helps to select the blouse design easier. Following these sorts of tips can reduce the burden of selecting the design for the occasion.