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silk sarees promise a perfect Indian wedding

The identity of Indian women is associated with saree. What other than saree can be perfect attire for Indian wedding? Indian is a country of diverse cultures is united by few traditions and saree is one among them. Though there are different styles of draping saree in different parts of the country, they become part and parcel of an Indian wedding. There are a wide range of silk saree collections from Banaras to Kanchipuram even custom designed silk sarees at soft silk sarees online shopping are gaining huge popularity during recent times.

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Indian silk sarees 

North and southern parts of the nation has a huge variation in their culture and tradition during the wedding ceremonies still, Indian silk sarees remains a common point for these wedding ceremonies with huge differences. While mentioning the north part of the country, the huge collection is available in Jaipuri bridal sarees. A woman has a choice to pick from the authentic collection of sarees with beautiful embroidery and zari work. Even Kashmiri silk saree is popular option for bridal wedding attire in North India.

 The culture of southern part of India is identified by saree. With the influence of modernity and fusion, wedding attire of north India may sometimes be occupied with lehengas but, in south India, no wedding is complete without wedding saree. A bride has to be a part of many ceremonies during the south Indian wedding and these wedding sarees add that pinch of culture and tradition to the ceremony. When it comes to south Indian wedding sarees, there are huge variations available to personify choice of the bride. Mysore silk sarees has a history as old as a hill, they are quite popular and preferred option for brides who are looking for rich silk and light fabric. They are options for people who are looking for low budget saree that offers an elegant look in the auspicious occasion. Kanchipuram Silks are other popular variety of wedding sarees purchased in south India.  These pure silk saris collections give unmatched classy and elegant look to Indian bride on the precious occasion. They are a bit expensive to purchase because zari work on the sarees has gold embossed in it. Banaras sarees are another variant of expensive wedding silk sarees available in India. Even these sarees don’t compromise in adding an elegant look to the bridal outfit because beautiful and intricate patterns are designed on pure gold threads.

Maroon and red colours are looked as colours of prosperity and luck in the Indian tradition. Until recent times, these expensive elegant silk sarees were available majorly in these two colours. Today a pinch of modernity is added to tradition across the nation; sarees are available in a wide range of colours like blue, orange, green, indigo and much more. Earlier people use to restrict wedding attire to few colours like red and maroon due to lack of availability of accessories to complement it but, today even accessories range spread in parallel to the colour availability in wedding sarees creating a perfect blend hereafter.